New start

A new website and a new start!


This blog is for me, who want to reorganize my thinking during writing and also for you, who could be inspired by the content.


I came to yoga because of some discomfort in women's health during my 20s. I saw the wonder of yoga when I never stop practising. Yoga is not a magic spell. Your problem won't disappear at a second like in fairy tales. Yoga is not a plaster. You think, oh great! I don't see my wound anymore, so it is all good and I am healed. Rather, Yoga reveals your problems and forces you to face it. At first, doing Yoga is like doing any kind of sports. I maintained a weekly yoga class, I followed what the teacher said in the class, I sweated and I finish my workout. So I think I am done and satisfied. But then after my teacher training, I realised the whole philosophy behind Yoga and I drew myself more to the subtle level of learning Yoga. Today, Yoga is a way of life and it is not a workout anymore. It becomes a dedication to my life and my practice becomes spiritual in some sense. It is not a religion, but it is a way of knowing myself.


There are so many different styles of Yoga nowadays. I think they are all leading us to the same way: Self discovery! It is important to try the styles you think you like before settling on one. But of course, when we shop around Yoga, which means, I try Iyengar today, and then try Power Yoga another day. We are not going to see clearly. But how long should we stay in one style? Again, it is very personal. Like our life, we have our choices to make. I would say, I trust my guts! I trained in a Yoga school which was in vinyasa style. As most Yoga practitioners know, the mother of vinyasa is Ashtanga Yoga. There are particular series in Ashtanga, while it is very flexible in Vinyasa. There are no fixed rules. Any teacher can make their own sequences. 

Recently I turn to Ashtanga Yoga to go on my journey.


So, let's get started!